(Korea’s) fated To Love You

Currently on episode 9.

Is it just me getting this weird vibe about Lee Gun having the same personality, hair and laugh as Oska (of Secret Garden).

Found lots of similar scenes from the Taiwanese (original) version. Which is great. Feels nostalgic.

Mi Young fashionably dressed unlike Xin Yi who definitely dressed trashy. Haha!

I have to rant about the “love scene” :D Yeah I think they lost a lot for not showing it as much as the original. Well, it’s a kdrama so I shouldn’t expect one. They are still in this “conservative” stage.

It lacks “intensity” unlike the original. The best example: In original fated to love you, JI Cun Xi hides Chen Xin Yi to Anna. He is really trying his best to hide it and he even hide anna to grandma but in the current version, Lee Gun is desperate to let Se Ra knows about Kim Mi Young. And oh, the birthday scene wherein Xin Yi disguised as a chicken mascot for Cun Xi (is there one on the current version or I still haven’t gone there yet?)

There are cute scenes that cant be found on the original. Like newlyweds sang to a wedding and the pre-natal sessions wherein Gun sewed clothes for the baby. And oh! The scenes Gun kissed Mi young on her cheeks then fireworks appeared. Those are adorable.

Well, that’s for now. I’m not complaining or comparing (or maybe I am :D) it’s just I expect a lot because it’s one of my all time favorite asian dramas.

Might post some GIFs once I finished it :D

I miss her playing as a lead role. She doesn’t really suit as a villain in my opinion because she have a sweet and cute personality and face as well.

How I wish she’ll play a lead role on a RomCom Drama again, not a villain or a 2nd wheel character.

True story.

True story.

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Our Princess is so funny!